Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Technology is such a beatiful thing!

I'm not one to usually post technical things on my blog. People that know me, know I'm a pretty big gadget guy and want (and sometimes get) the newest and the greatest. I've been like that with my camera equipment, my assortment of watches, shoes, cars, etc. all my life.

This is starting to be slowing trend as I get older, but with the advancement of technology, cool things don't have to cost that much anymore. For example, the following video...

Its a video of Nikon's newest and coolest little P&S, the S1000pj. This one isn't about the megapixels, name of the lens, size of the screen in the back, or any of the other things that other makers try to make bigger and better. Game of leapfrog, if you will. No no no, this one has a built in projector. So now, rather than trying to have people gather around your camera to look at pictures or fumble around trying to look for a cord to connect to the TV, you simply just turn on the in camera projector and display it on a wall or any other surface. How cool is that?

ok, enough of me being excited, just watch the video...