Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kelsey & Kendan | Austin, TX Engagement

I had the whole thing planned. Talked to Kelsey about it... was ready to go. My plan was to drive to Austin Friday afternoon, do her Bridals (coming soon!) while Kendan was gone for the evening, then do their engagement shoot on Saturday morning before coming back home to Houston.

As I'm driving into Austin, everything seems great. I was making good time, weather was ok - a little cloudy, but not too bad - and Kelsey was getting ready. The closer I get, the clouds grow darker. Being the photographer I am, I'm thinking 'well, I like clouds... this could be awesome'. Ya, right! As soon as I pull into Austin... RAIN! and not just normal rain, either. Rain with drops the size of coins and very little gap between those coin sized drops.

So as I get to K&K's place, Kelsey is ready to go, sitting there in her awesome wedding dress and veil. I had to talk her out of doing the shoot, because as you can tell, I like fields... and fields get muddy when it rains. Not to mention, I'll be damned if I get a bride's dress dirty in a field for the sake of a picture. So, she reluctantly waited until the morning.

So the next morning, early, we did Kelsey's bridal shoot (which rocked... and you'll see it soon enough), then we headed out with Kendan to take some pics of them. The weather was awesome, Kelsey & Kendan brought along some props and we rocked out the shoot in Kyle, Tx.

Here's the results of the shoot, and I'm sure they would really appreciate your love - in the form of comments - after you check out their pics.

Ready? SET... GO!















Anonymous said...

Love you two and I love the photos. Kelsey, in the photo with just faces and your head is on Kendan's shoulder ---- well, you are simply beautiful. Too bad Kendan is looking in the distance and can't see your face. But you two will have many many years to see the beauty in your love reflected in each other's faces. Your Grateful Mom

Lauren said...

The shoot came out great! I can't wait to see the bridals too, as always...awesome work Ben!

Royce said...

Very nice work Ben. You captured some great shots of this rockin couple.

Hollis said...

You two look really happy together and just think now you have the rest of your lives to make each other miserable. Just kidding! Are am I? No I really just messing with you guys. There is only one thing I can tell you and it's this: put God first in your lives, put him before all others, and you will live a happy and abundant life. Best wishes to you both and may God bless your marriage.