Sunday, August 29, 2010

Its true what they say!

It really is. I always heard parents telling Thao and I that kids get better with every stage. At 6 months old, we thought it couldn't get any better. Then the same when he was 1, when he started walking, talking, potty trained, etc.

Kami has been pretty vocal lately, and he know what Daddy's camera is all about. So today, Kami came up to me and asked "Daddy take a picture...?", and without hesitation, I grabbed my camera and wanted to take a picture. But I thought about it and figured since he's so vocal and understands everything we say now, I'd have a simple setup. I grabbed my flashes, stands, umbrella, and setup a simple lighting scenario in his room.

He was so awesome! he stood there, took direction, and was the greatest 2 1/2 year old model anyone could ask for.




tracytesmer said...

oh my goodness, Ben, this is fantastic!!!