Friday, May 28, 2010

Possibly the coolest commercial I've seen...

in a long long time. I'm not a minivan person, but this cracks me up to no end and actually makes a minivan seem cool. lol

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jasmine & Khoa | Engagement

I felt so embarrassed when I went to meet Jasmine & Khoa. I had rushed out the door, and as I'm pulling up to pick them up to go take pictures... I notice my memory card was full and I hadn't brought any backups. So a quick trip to the camera store and some new cards later, we go rockin'.

Unlike my blunder, these two rocked every second of the shoot and we had a blast around the midtown, downtown, and southwest-ish part of town. If you run into any of us, you might ask us how we avoided getting a parking ticket at our last location. My first time... but apparently not Khoa's. Fun times!

Enjoy the pictures.

Jasmine & Khoa-101

Jasmine & Khoa-103

Jasmine & Khoa-102

Jasmine & Khoa-105

Jasmine & Khoa-107

a personal request of theirs was to find this graffiti wall, which we did. How friggin' cool and different is this thing?
Jasmine & Khoa-108

Jasmine & Khoa-109

Jasmine & Khoa-110

Jasmine & Khoa-112

Jasmine & Khoa-113

Jasmine & Khoa-114

Jasmine & Khoa-115

Jasmine & Khoa-116

Jasmine & Khoa-117

Jasmine & Khoa-118

Jasmine & Khoa-120

Jasmine & Khoa-121

Jasmine & Khoa-122

Friday, May 7, 2010

Heena & Zul | Engagement

What a great looking couple... don't you guys & gals agree?

The wedding weekend is finally upon us! after slight hiccups earlier this year with the venue, I'm ecstatic to be finally doing my most anticipated wedding of the year (so far!).

Heena & Zul-102

Heena & Zul-103

Heena & Zul-106

Heena & Zul-108

Heena & Zul-110

Heena & Zul-114

Heena & Zul-111

Heena & Zul-115

Heena & Zul-117