Monday, May 17, 2010

Jasmine & Khoa | Engagement

I felt so embarrassed when I went to meet Jasmine & Khoa. I had rushed out the door, and as I'm pulling up to pick them up to go take pictures... I notice my memory card was full and I hadn't brought any backups. So a quick trip to the camera store and some new cards later, we go rockin'.

Unlike my blunder, these two rocked every second of the shoot and we had a blast around the midtown, downtown, and southwest-ish part of town. If you run into any of us, you might ask us how we avoided getting a parking ticket at our last location. My first time... but apparently not Khoa's. Fun times!

Enjoy the pictures.

Jasmine & Khoa-101

Jasmine & Khoa-103

Jasmine & Khoa-102

Jasmine & Khoa-105

Jasmine & Khoa-107

a personal request of theirs was to find this graffiti wall, which we did. How friggin' cool and different is this thing?
Jasmine & Khoa-108

Jasmine & Khoa-109

Jasmine & Khoa-110

Jasmine & Khoa-112

Jasmine & Khoa-113

Jasmine & Khoa-114

Jasmine & Khoa-115

Jasmine & Khoa-116

Jasmine & Khoa-117

Jasmine & Khoa-118

Jasmine & Khoa-120

Jasmine & Khoa-121

Jasmine & Khoa-122


Andrea Knapp said...

Those photos were great! You captured the couple fabulously - they are clearly in love :-)

That graffiti is amazing too! I wish I had cool locations nearby to shoot with.