Monday, November 1, 2010

Anna & Frank | Houston, TX Enagagement

One of the things I do is ask my clients to pick a few locations that have personal meaning to them to take pictures at for their engagements. Personal, Sentimental, anything... and most of them respond with very cool locations. Anna & Frank were obviously no different.

They met at the Univ. of Houston, so one of the locations they picked was the campus. To be specific, they actually met while working as lifeguards at the school swimming pool, so being me... I had to make 'that' picture a cool one. So this past weekend, we started out at the Univ. of Houston campus recreation center, then moved on to their other passion. Their dogs!

I'm a big softy when it comes to Great Danes, because I've always wanted one, but room at our place (and my wife) never allowed it. Now with a kid and other responsibilities, its hard to own one. So, I live vicariously through other owners of Great Danes. And let me tell you, I loved Brutus... and Dakota (their Lab) was pretty awesome too!

Anna & Frank -101

Anna & Frank -102-1

Anna & Frank -104

Anna & Frank -105

Anna & Frank -106

Anna & Frank -107

Anna & Frank -108

Anna & Frank -109

Anna & Frank -110

Anna & Frank -111

Anna & Frank -112


Anonymous said...

You guys are so adorable, I just love you both. I can't wait to come to Texas and I'm so honored to be sharing your day with you!

<3 Lesley

Brian & Jennifer Royo said...

These pictures are AWESOME!! We are soooo excited for you both!! Congrats!