Monday, January 19, 2009

My newest toy

Today, I decided enough was enough. I sold the third party wide angle lens last week to a friend in Virginia and washed my hands of it. Today, I drove to a local camera shop and picked up their last copy of the highly coveted Nikon wide angle lens, the 14-24. Mind you, anything with the name "NIKON" on it is expensive... but I guess you have to pay to play.

Can't wait to go out and take some pictures with it soon. Stay tuned...



My boy is getting big.

Its crazy. Its almost a year since Kami was born. During that time, I've taken well over 2000 pictures and adding more and more equipment as I go... not because of him, but he does make a great model to test them out right away.

So tonight to celebrate my purchasing of another lens, I put Kami down, dressed him up, and started snapping away. Of course, I didn't use my new lens as it wasn't meant to be for things like this. BUT, I did get some great shots of Kami.

Looking at his pics from even 3 months ago, he's changed so much. For those who've seen the pics, or Kami in person, know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway... here are his 10 month pictures.







Sunday, January 11, 2009

And now, I'm more fly...

I figured the older business cards I had weren't doing the job, not to mention they had my Austin phone number on them. I 'liked' them, but they didn't represent me or my website. So I made a quick template of one and uploaded it on 123 Print. Less than two weeks and $35 more, I have new cards.

Now they match my site, have the new phone number, and I can pass them out like candy!!!

here's glimpse.

New Business Cards