Thursday, October 15, 2009

OneLight workshop with Zack Arias

In my ever so expanding path of knowledge, I consider myself a sponge. I have this urge to learn and grow as an artist. This week was a huge step for me to continue down that path.

I had to opportunity to sign up for Zack Arias' OneLight Workshop back in May and I jumped at the chance. The workshop was an all day event and went from 10AM on the 13th, to almost 2AM on October 14th! But let me tell you, as long of a day that was, in no way shape or form did it feel that long. I guess that's what learning does to you when you enjoy it.

We had a long session of learning, long session of 'controlled' shooting with Zack himself, and a session where we practiced what we had learned. I enjoyed every minute of it and I intend on putting my newly learned skills to use in the very near future... like, this Sunday for my Bridal/engagement shoot I have coming up.

The pics below are the product of the shooting portions of the day, leave me some love and tell me what you think...

Also, Thanks to Marc Brubaker (@clickwindrepeat on twitter) and Tracy Tesmer (@tracytesmer on twitter) for being our lovely models and for Christine Tremoulet (@christinebpc on Twitter) for hosting it. BTW fellas, Christine is still looking to do her first "Dudeouir" session... so if you want to give your ladies a 'special present', give her a shout.









Kelly Lee said...

Looooove the black and whites of Tracy! I think those are the best I've seen from that portion... well done all around! It was awesome to meet you, keep up the great work!

Christine said...

I love the one of Marc with the clouds reflecting in the water - they are all gorgeous! (Sorry I missed them before - it has been a crazy fall!)

Thanks for promoting my need for the dudeoir session clients... ;-)