Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My new love... Canvas Gallery Wraps

A few weeks back, Nicole called me and asked for a 'big' picture to put over their fire place from the shots we did in Mexico... one in particular. So I turned to the one person I'd gotten canvas prints done before, my friend Jared (not the guy in the Subway commercials). Although I can get the same canvas print from your print labs, I knew Jared would take care of it like his own.

Boy oh boy, did he!!!

This thing turned out so great. And as I was ordering it, I ordered one for myself to show clients. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this print. Such great quality, when I got it tonight, I hung it on the wall and I sat there staring at it for a good 10 minutes straight!!!

What do you guys think?




Look at the detail on this thing. Simply breath taking!!!


This beauty is in a 24X36 frame. again... I LOVE IT!