Wednesday, July 30, 2008

David Jay and Jasmine Star

So last night I went to the freedom tour with Annemarie - the now second biggest ball of energy I've ever seen!

Its beyond words that something as simple as taking pictures and processing them can make normal people into such superstars in their prospective field. I guess Jasmine was right about branding yourself. The way you show yourself to others is how they preceive you in person... and let me tell you, Jasmine does one hell of a job at it.

David Jay's presentation was awesome. His tips on post processing and workflow was beyond helpful. Its nothing new, just a more efficient way of doing things. I guess sometimes it takes someone else to shed a light on subjects for you that were there in front of you the whole time for you to realize and make the adjustments. His work is inspiring, his business minded approach is to be applauded, and his personality is very sincere. And all he does is 'take pictures'... imagine that.

Jasmine. Oh Jasmine. I thought I had met the most energetic and outgoing person when I met Annemarie in April, but Jasmine trumps her 10 fold and then takes the cake and runs with it!!! Her speech was so energetic, I had a headache after if was done. Not because it was bad, but because I didn't have a chance to get oxygen to my brain while trying to follow what she was saying. She is so passionate about her work, its almost alien. A human being can't possibly be like this on a daily basis. But it seems as though she is!!! Amazing.

At the end of the night, I learned a lot than I didn't know and had questions about. I also left with a lot of new questions that I have to answer for myself. I think the price justifies the answers. It was time well spent and a lot learned all crunched in a 4 hour seminar... which I'm sure Jasmine could go for days if you let her.


Annemarie said...

So, I guess "energetic" might be one of my "5 words". :)

It was so good to see you again, and I am so glad that you came, and found the night so valuable. I am still on a buzz from being surrounded by such amazing, talented, focused, driven, and wonderful people. I can't wait to see how your business takes if you would only switch to Canon!! :)

Jasmine said...

Hollllla! It was GREAT meeting you, Ben! I'm sorry I gave you a headache, but I hope it was worth it! ;)

DCM Photography said...

Well said Ben. You've got this writing thing down! I really wish You, Annmarie, Sean and I could have all been at the seminar together. Maybe then I would have stood a better of chance of not getting called on by Jasmine.

Annemarie said...

You were called out? Ha! Do tell....sounds like someone has a story to share! :)

Sean said...

Ben you are absolutely right on. Jasmine was great, David was awesome, the whole thing was really cool. Just ask Dave what his five words are!