Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jennifer & Neil

After a few weeks of hustle and bustle, Jennifer and Neil's day finally came! The church was beautiful, the hall was beautiful, and of course the Bride was stunning. Also, this was my first time doing a Filipino wedding, so I think the Barongs were pretty cool too.


Jennifer & Neil-1002

Jennifer & Neil-1003

Jennifer & Neil-1009

Jennifer & Neil-1010

Jennifer & Neil-1011

Jennifer & Neil-1014

Jennifer & Neil-1015

Jennifer & Neil-1017

Jennifer & Neil-1021

Jennifer & Neil-1025

Jennifer & Neil-1029

Jennifer & Neil-1031

Jennifer & Neil-1035

Jennifer & Neil-1036

Jennifer & Neil-1038

Jennifer & Neil-1040

Jennifer & Neil-1042

Jennifer & Neil-1046

Jennifer & Neil-1049

Jennifer & Neil-1050

Jennifer & Neil-1054

Jennifer & Neil-1058

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ellis and the little one... Tyson!

Ever since my posting of Kevin & Nicole's wedding a couple of months back, Ellis has been inquiring about pics of him with his son. This past weekend, I went to Austin for the weekend and finally found an hour to get away to take some pic for Ellis.

Tyson was mean muggin' me at first because he had just woken up, but a few minutes in, he was going like a fire cracker. I couldn't take enough pics of him and ran out of memory in my 4 GIG card... and he kept going. I got a ton of pics, these are the favorites.


Ellis & Tyson-1003

Ellis & Tyson-1005

Ellis & Tyson-1008

Ellis & Tyson-1013

Ellis & Tyson-1014

Ellis & Tyson-1016

Ellis & Tyson-1017

Ellis & Tyson-1026

Ellis & Tyson-1030

Ellis & Tyson-1031

Ellis & Tyson-1034

Ellis & Tyson-1037

Ellis & Tyson-1040

Ellis & Tyson-1043

Ellis & Tyson-1046

Ellis & Tyson-1056

Ellis & Tyson-1059

Ellis & Tyson-1066

Ellis & Tyson-1075

Ellis & Tyson-1076

Ellis & Tyson-1077

Ellis & Tyson-1078

Ellis & Tyson-1079

Ellis & Tyson-1080

Ellis & Tyson-1082

Ellis & Tyson-1083

Ellis & Tyson-1085

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Neil & Jennifer

With less than 2 weeks out from the wedding, we had to do this session very quickly! After a few conversations and reschedules, we settled on a day and time and went for it. It was a great time, I got lost, and some shoes were forgotten... but hey, it all came out great at the end.

Can't wait till the wedding guys, had a blast!

Neil & Jennifer-1001

Neil & Jennifer-1002

Neil & Jennifer-1003

Neil & Jennifer-1004

Neil & Jennifer-1005

Neil & Jennifer-1006

Neil & Jennifer-1007

Neil & Jennifer-1009

Neil & Jennifer-1010

Neil & Jennifer-1011

Neil & Jennifer-1012

Neil & Jennifer-1013

Neil & Jennifer-1014

Neil & Jennifer-1015

Neil & Jennifer-1017

Neil & Jennifer-1018

Neil & Jennifer-1019

Neil & Jennifer-1020

Neil & Jennifer-1021

Neil & Jennifer-1022

Neil & Jennifer-1023

Neil & Jennifer-1024

Neil & Jennifer-1025