Monday, April 27, 2009

Here's to a whole new beginning...

For those who know (and those who don't), today was my last day at a job I've held for almost 10 years.

About 6 months ago I was recruited for a new job that 1) not in retail, 2) flexible, and 3) actually sounds interesting. Its one of those jobs that when people ask you 'what do you do'... you actually have to explain to them. Always wanted a job like that.

Took me a little while to be fully on board though, since it was a big decision in every aspect of life. I finally made the decision to go against the grain and against my comfort zone. Not because I wanted to be different, but because I wanted the chance to actually do something different and also have more time behind my camera. Since my cameras have consumed me over the last 2 years, I feel the need to grow myself as an artist rather than just a picture taker. Work on techniques, skills, weak areas, and things that I'm afraid to venture into.

So wish me luck and I look forward to post up more pics of other people than Kami here on my blog. Not that Kami isn't the coolest kid ever, but to show and try to grow as an artist.

Here's to a whole new beginning...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kami and the bluebonnets

On our way to Austin last weekend, Thao saw an endless field of bluebonnets, then another... then another. Her eyes lit up and she looked at me with a big grin and told me "We *have* to stop by there on the way back to get some pictures". My response is always "ok". Want to know why? Because if the wife is happy, wife gives permission. Wife gives permission, she won't be mad when expensive camera equipment arrive. so basically... Good pics = Good gear

So on the way back from Austin, in the cold and the wind that blew out of nowhere, we stopped and got some pics. Of the 100+ pics I took (and Thao helped), I got a handful that came out great. These are those handful....