Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kevin & Nicole in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico!

I had the distinct pleasure of tagging along with Kevin & Nicole to the beautiful Iberostar ParaĆ­so Maya resort this past weekend to document their beautiful wedding on the beach.

I've known Kevin for a few years now, and I just recently met Nicole... even though I feel like I know her. Thats just her personality, she rocks! Nicole did a great job planning and carrying out the whole thing. The resort was beautiful, the ocean was beautiful, the weather was great, and of course... the bride and groom were having a blast!!!

and without a second more wasted, here are the pictures from the wedding.

Thank you guys for inviting me along. I had a blast!!!

**WARNING** the music on the slideshow includes adult language, for you w/ kids. But it also jams since its the song Nicole chose to walk down the aisle to. :)

Kevin & Nicole-1003

Kevin & Nicole-1004

Kevin & Nicole-1002

Kevin & Nicole-1006

Kevin & Nicole-1007

Kevin & Nicole-1011

Kevin & Nicole-1008

Kevin & Nicole-1012

Kevin & Nicole-1013

Kevin & Nicole-1015

Kevin & Nicole-1017

Kevin & Nicole-1020

Kevin & Nicole-1018

Kevin & Nicole-1021

Kevin & Nicole-1023

Kevin & Nicole-1024

Kevin & Nicole-1026

Kevin & Nicole-1025

Kevin & Nicole-1027

Kevin & Nicole-1028

Kevin & Nicole-1029

Kevin & Nicole-1030

Kevin & Nicole-1031

Kevin & Nicole-1032

Kevin & Nicole-1033

Kevin & Nicole-1034

Kevin & Nicole-1035

Kevin & Nicole-1037

Kevin & Nicole-1038

Kevin & Nicole-1039

Kevin & Nicole-1040

Kevin & Nicole-1041

Kevin & Nicole-1044

Kevin & Nicole-1045

Kevin & Nicole-1046

Kevin & Nicole-1048

Kevin & Nicole-1049

Kevin & Nicole-1050

Kevin & Nicole-1051

Kevin & Nicole-1053

Kevin & Nicole-1054

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amir & Marjorie's Wedding

Its tough to capture the life of a person you've known for such a long time in one night, but I tried. I tried real hard. I've known Amir for years and I met Marjorie at my wedding in 2006. I had the pleasure of doing their engagement pictures back in November of 2008 and had been anxiously waiting for this wedding all year long. Thanks to my great friend Sean Wray for shooting this wedding with me. He's a great photographer and a great friend/mentor.

Here are some pics from last Saturday!

Amir & Marjorie-1001

Amir & Marjorie-1002

Amir & Marjorie-1003

Amir & Marjorie-1006

Amir & Marjorie-1007

Amir & Marjorie-1008

Amir & Marjorie-1009

Amir & Marjorie-1010

Amir & Marjorie-1012

Amir & Marjorie-1015

Amir & Marjorie-1014

Amir & Marjorie-1017

Amir & Marjorie-1019

Amir & Marjorie-1020

Amir & Marjorie-1021

Amir & Marjorie-1022

Amir & Marjorie-1027

Amir & Marjorie-1028

Amir & Marjorie-1030

Amir & Marjorie-1035

Amir & Marjorie-1037

Amir & Marjorie-1038

Amir & Marjorie-1040

Amir & Marjorie-1042

Amir & Marjorie-1043

Amir & Marjorie-1044

Amir & Marjorie-1045

Amir & Marjorie-1047